The Benefits of Using Kangaroo Leather for Falconry Gear

The Benefits of Using Kangaroo Leather for Falconry Gear

Successful falconers rely not only on their skills but also their equipment to get the job done. One of the many materials that falconers use for their falconry gear is kangaroo leather. This durable, high-quality leather is a top choice for many falconers. Here’s why: What is Kangaroo Leather? Kangaroo leather is made from the… Read more »

Falconry Dogs: Training a Dog for Falconry

Falconry is one of the few sports where multiple species work together for a common goal. Thousands of years ago, humans and raptors learned that a dog could increase their chance of a successful hunt, thus dogs became an integral part of falconry. Falconry dogs are still used to this day, but only with the… Read more »

Falconry Healthcare Supplies

4 Tips for Keeping Your Raptor Healthy Year-Round

As a falconer, your responsibility is not just to train your bird of prey, but also to keep them healthy. Caring for your raptor’s health is a daily, year-round job that requires knowledge of what a healthy raptor looks like and the supplies and equipment needed to maintain that healthy state. While any serious medical… Read more »

How To Use Radio Telemetry in Falconry

In the earlier days of falconry, a falconer would rely on the faint sounds of a bell to locate a bird out hunting or flying. Thankfully, advances in technology have helped to develop a more reliable and convenient system for modern falconers—radio telemetry. It can sometimes be difficult to learn the ropes of new and… Read more »

All About Falconry Hoods

When you first get started in falconry, it’s important that you acquire the right equipment, understand its purpose, and learn how to use it properly. One of the first pieces you’ll need to obtain is a hood for your raptor. The origins of falconry hoods go back to the Middle East and Europe during the… Read more »

What Are the Benefits of Falconry?

Falconry is a unique sport that dates back to the middle ages and has maintained its popularity over time. Many hunters, outdoorsmen, and conservationists are interested in mastering the art of falconry and experiencing the benefits of this pastime firsthand. But what exactly are the benefits of falconry anyway? What is it that draws people… Read more »

Falconry Equipment Online

Longwings, Broadwings, & Shortwings: What’s the Difference?

The most important tool in a falconer’s arsenal is, of course, their raptor. To find success in falconry—and truly experience the joy of the sport—you must care for, get to know, and build a relationship with your bird. Falconry has a long history behind it, and there are many different birds that have been used… Read more »

Buy Falconry Supplies Online

3 Things Every Aspiring Falconer Needs to Know

So, you want to get into falconry. Maybe you saw something about it online, witnessed a falconer in action, or just stumbled upon the fact that the sport even exists. However you got here, you’ve now discovered the one-of-a-kind magic of this ancient practice—and you want in! Getting into falconry isn’t like picking up a… Read more »

In California, Falcons Are Keeping Nuisance Birds off Farms

The History and Value of the Ancient Art of Falconry

The ancient sport of falconry interests many people, but the time and effort to master the skill makes it a sport for only the most dedicated. However, you can still learn more about the history of falconry and its use today. The sport helps everyone to develop an appreciation for the beauty, intelligence, and value… Read more »

Equipment Needed To Get Into Falconry

If you’re interested in falconry, you need a few supplies before you can properly work with the birds. Here are some must-have pieces of equipment to invest in as you get started in the sport. Aba An aba is a form of a restraint for a hawk or falcon. It is primarily used to calm… Read more »