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Falconry Kites, Drone & Balloon Equipment for Sale

Training a falcon, hawk, eagle, or other bird of prey for high flying takes patience, skill, and the right equipment. Working with your bird to help them reach higher altitudes keeps them in great shape and significantly improves their hunting abilities.

When you set up a lure to bait a raptor into higher flights, you have several options for achieving the height you desire. Traditionally, kites and balloons have been the most common choices. More recently, falconers are taking advantages of drones for this purpose as well. Whichever method you prefer for your falconry training regimen, you’ll find all of the state-of-the-art equipment you need to succeed at Mike’s Falconry Supplies.

Kites, Balloons & Drone Equipment for Falconry Training

The kites, balloons, and drone accessories we offer in our online store are designed to help falconers with all training styles and bird types meet their unique goals. We also provide lures, parachutes, release tools, altitude recorders, and replacement parts for standard kites and balloons.

The equipment we carry has been made with a falconer’s needs in mind. Kites are lightweight and able to reach incredibly high angles to help take your training to the next level. Our balloons are also light, but strong enough to hold up throughout your sessions. Available drone equipment, including handheld remote controls, car chargers, and propellers, is compatible with the most commonly used and popular drone models on the market.

Help your raptor reach the amazing heights you know they can with kite, balloon, and drone equipment from Mike’s Falconry Supplies!