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Falconry Lures, Wings & Creances for Sale

When you’re training your raptor to be a successful hunter, you need a lure that will entice them and a creance that will let them go the distance. For the best results, a lure should resemble the prey your bird will be pursuing in the field. You should also be working with a strong, lightweight creance to give raptors the range they need to build their skills without sacrificing safety or security.

At Mike’s Falconry Supplies, we offer the latest in lure and creance technology. In our online store you’ll find lures for quarry of all kind and creance tubes with reliable lines and multiple size options to best fit the needs of you and your raptor.

Falcon & Hawk Lures, Bird Wings & Creance Flight Training Tubes

Rabbit; pheasant; starling; duck; whatever your bird is after, we’ve got the lure that will get their attention. If you already have a good lure but want to make it more realistic and motivating for your raptor’s training, we also have wings in different styles that can be easily attached. Our lures work well for falcons, hawks, eagles, and most other birds in falconry.

When it’s time to begin free flight training, our creance tubes have 50 yards of custom-braided Dacron line to give you the flexibility and control you require. Our specially-designed creance free flight training tubes are available in three different sizes and with varying levels of strength to suit the needs of any raptor. Our creance tubes also work well for reconditioning injured raptors.

Browse the wide range of styles, materials, and features we offer in our lures and wings here at Mike’s Falconry Supplies. We’ve got everything you need to safely get your bird excited and prepared for the hunting field!

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