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Falconry Jesses and Leashes for Sale

The goal of a falconer is to train their bird to obey their command and remain under their control at all times. To do that successfully, you’re going to need to a strong, sturdy jess and leash for handling during training and out in the field.

There are many different styles of jesses and leashes that appeal to different falconers for different reasons. At Mike’s Falconry Supplies, we have them all available to you directly from our online store.

Jesses, Leashes, & Jess Grease for Falcons, Eagles, Owls & Other Birds of Prey

A quality jess is a must for every falconer. Without one, you can’t be sure your raptor won’t give chase to something it shouldn’t while it’s on your glove, resting on its perch, or anywhere else. A well-made jess and leash will help to ensure your bird is safe, secure, and in your control when you need them to be.

The jesses and leashes we make at Mike’s Falconry Supplies are designed for safe, comfortable, and easy use with many types of falconry birds. They are also made from durable materials that can withstand most weather conditions. With proper care—and our fine leather conditioner—a jess and leash from us will last you for years.

We offer jesses with various features, such as snaps, swivels, buttons, bullet ends, double loops, to suit your training style. Jesses and leashes are also available in a variety of sizes, colors, materials, and thicknesses.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on our website, we also work with customers to provide custom equipment to meet their specific needs. Find all the jesses, leashes, and accessories you need at Mike’s Falconry Supplies!