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When you set out to try a new activity or master a new skill, your first step should be to learn everything you can about it. Would you step onto a basketball court not knowing the rules of the game? Or head out on a deer hunt before you know how to use your gun? Probably not—and falconry is no different.

Whether you’re just starting out in falconry or you’ve been working with birds of prey for years, there’s always more to learn about this unique ancient sport. The more you know about raptors, training, trapping, hunting, the equipment, and the history of the practice, the more successful you’re going to be out in the field. With the selection of falconry training and care books from Mike’s Falconry Supplies at your disposal, you’ll have all the practical and theoretical information you need to work your way up to a master falconer.

Falconry Training & Raptor Care Books

From apprentice to general to master, each new level of falconry requires more knowledge, skill, and experience than the last. The collection of books we offer in our online store are the most educational and accessible on the market. Anything you want to know about the practice of falconry and caring for a raptor you will find in one of these publications.

Topics span from falconry for beginners, to medicine and breeding, to detailed guides to working with specific species of bird, and more. Our books are valuable resources for falconers of all levels, rehabilitators, zoos, veterinarians, and anyone else with an interest in falconry or who is working with a raptor.

For the best falconry books for the best prices, look no further than our selection here at Mike’s Falconry Supplies. Order the books you need online today or contact us for recommendations that meet your needs!