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Falconry Hoods, Hood Blocks, & Hood Making Supplies for Sale

A falconry hood is one of a falconer’s most important tools. The right hood will help keep your bird calm, so that you can slowly build a relationship, train them in the art of hunting, and maintain control in precarious situations. Your raptor’s hood should be customized to fit their exact head size and shape for optimum safety, functionality, and comfort.

At Mike’s Falconry Supplies, we offer everything you need to hood your bird properly. For those looking to buy a hood, we offer high-quality, custom-size hoods in various styles. For those looking to make a hood themselves, we offer all the products you’ll require to make a custom hood for your bird.

Falconry Hoods

Arab; Anglo Indian; Dutch; our selection of falconry hoods covers a wide range of style preferences. We sell hoods for falcons, eagles, hawks, and other birds of prey that can be fitted to your raptors exact specifications. Every one of our hoods is sewn by hand using our original Steve Tait hood blocks, which are also available for purchase.

Blocks & Hood Making Supplies

Many falconers prefer to make their own hoods to assure the most accurate fit and maximum protection for their unique raptor. Mike’s Falconry Supplies can help you streamline the hood making process with our premier hood blocks, patterns, leather materials, braces, and other hood sewing tools. From leather cutting shears and sewing needles to embossing tools and beyond, we’ve got all your hood making needs covered.

Take the training of your raptor to the next level with a custom falconry hood to soothe and protect them. Browse our online inventory to find the hood or hood making tools that are right for you and your bird!