Anglo Indian hoods now made on our Steve Tait hood blocks




Anglo Indian hoods now made on our Steve Tait hood blocks

Anglo Indian hoods now made on our Steve Tait hood blocks. At this time we offer 19 sizes of this style hood. Each hood is handmade and sized on our Steve Tait hood blocks and each hood comes with black Gortex braces and a double turks knot. Please choose your hood size from the list shown below, then choose your birds hood size from the drop down menu above.

Birds and hood sizes that we will carry now:
We carry almost all sizes that are shown in the size chart below.

Choose from the drop down menu above to pick the bird and hood size you need. If the size you need is not listed we are either out or do not stock that size yet.

(Please note we do not carry all sizes on the chart listed below.)

Hood size and species listed below:

000 musket sharp-shinned
00. male kestrel
0. female kestrel
1. female sharp-shinned
2. jack merlin
3. female columbarius merlin
4. female Richardsons merlin
5. small male cooper’s
6. male cooper’s
7. lg/eastern male cooper’s
8. male merlin/peregrine
9. lg male merlin/peregrine, female cooper’s, sm. male barbary, male gyr/merlin
10. female merlin/peregrine, male barbary, lg male gyr/merlin, eastern female Coopers hawk
11. lg male barbary, sm female gyr/merlin, male brookei/barbary hybrid, very large eastern female Coopers hawk
12. male brookei peregrine, female gyr/merlin
13. male prairie
14. male peregrine, lg male prairie, female barbary, male lanner, male gyr/barbary, male NA gos
15. lg male peregrine (peale’s), lg male gyr/barbary, male gyr/fijian, lg male gos, Sm/male Harris
16. sm female gos, female lanner, lg Male Harris
17. female peregrine, small male gyr/peregrine, female prairie, female gos
17.5. female peregrine (peale’s), male gyr/peregrine, lg female gos, sm female Harris
18. Finnish female gos, lg male gyr/peregrine, Lg /female Harris , Male Finish goshawk
19. male gyr/saker, female gyr/barbary, small F/ Finish goshawk
20. male gyr, female gyr/prairie, female gyr/peregrine, western male red-tail , Lg/F/Finish Goshawk
21. large male gyr, lg. female gyr/peregrine, female gyr/saker, eastern male red-tail
22. sm female gyr
23. female gyr, western female red-tail or small eastern female Red tail
24. lg female gyr, Eastern female red-tail
25. Very large Red tail and Female Feruginous hawk


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