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Mike’s Falconry has great service, customer support, and quality for their items. If I ever need anything for falconry, I check Mike’s

Kevin J Halterman
Sep 18, 2023

Lost Package Replaced by Mike

Do to a mistake by USPS (which they refused to take responsibility for) Mike never received a transmitter he graciously agreed to change to a different frequency for me. Even though it wasn’t his fault he replaced the item and got me the tools I needed to continue flying. Very thankful for good businesses like

Nick Parker
Mar 19, 2023

Perfect Sale

Mike took the time to answer all of my questions and got me the best Eagle setup with his advice! I love the quality and the fast shipping. I’ll keep shopping at

Feb 11, 2023

Great service

I’ve ordered 2 times of Mike’s falconry , both times mike has taken the time to talk to me to answer questions that I have had , both times I have been happy with the service and quality of products. I can’t believe the speedy shipping, I ordered telemetry, I hope I never have to

Oct 8, 2022

Amazing service (fast, amazing quality, more than reasonable price)

I am not a falconer (yet) but I wanted to explore that route and so, I was looking for books about falconry. One recommended book was “The Red-Tailed Hawk”. I looked on the classic online book retailers (amazon, …) and the price of the book was just insane ($200+). So, when I found mikesfalconry.com, I

Alain Poncelet
Sep 18, 2022