Gloves & Gauntlets

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When you work with independent birds like falcons, you need proper equipment to keep both of you safe. Mike’s Falconry Supplies has falconry gloves and falconry gauntlets that can protect you and can support your bird. Find a pair that fits your needs.
Falcon Talons
While other birds of prey have stronger feet, falcons still have incredibly powerful talons. They have long, sharp toes that give them increased dexterity. These talons are made for hunting; they can easily grip and puncture flesh. This strength can cause damage to your arm as a falcon takes off and lands, even with calm, well-trained falcons.
Falcon Gauntlets
Falcon gauntlets protect your hands and forearms when you work with these beautiful birds. At Mike’s Falconry Supplies, we make our gloves from leather. We choose only the best elk, deer, and cowhides available so that all of our products are strong and durable. Your equipment should match the strength of your bird.

We offer full cuff falconry gauntlets that are 15 inches long and shorter falconry gloves that range from 11 to 14 inches long. Our high-quality equipment will last for many years, so you can enjoy time with your falcon without worrying about safety.

Browse our selection of falconry gloves and gauntlets below, and make a purchase in our online store. You can also call us with any questions at 1-888-663-5601.