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Transporting your birds can pose difficult logistical problems. Your main priorities should be to make sure that your falcon or raptor is safe and secure. Falconry carriers will aid in this endeavor, and Mike’s Falconry Supplies offers the best quality falconry carriers. With our bird carriers, you can rest assured that your raptor will be secured and arrive safely to your destination.
Bird Carriers
Our bird carriers are available for a variety of birds including:


For smaller birds, our plastic and canvas carriers are collapsible for easy use and storage.

Our Hawk and falconry carriers are larger and more substantial. Our unique raptor transport carriers have adjustable perch heights and are now able to accommodate more bird sizes. These carriers are heavy duty and are built to last for several years. These falconry carriers and raptor transport carriers are unique and exclusive to Mike’s Falconry Supplies, and we currently have patents pending for them.
Bird Launchers
We also offer remote and manual Dogtra bird launchers for small to large birds. These launchers are a great resource for training falcons, hawks, or dogs. Additional supplies, such as remote bird launcher converter kits and extra receivers are also available. View our selection below.
Mike’s Falconry Supplies
Once you’ve done business with Mike’s Falconry Supplies, you’ll see why you never need to find another falconry equipment supplier. We offer competitive prices and unbeatable customer service. All of our products are of the highest quality. Our patent-pending falconry carriers are durable, effective, and revolutionary and exclusive through our website.

If you need a raptor transport or falconry carrier, try Mike’s Falconry Supplies. View our entire inventory online or fill out our online contact form if you would like more information or have any questions. We look forward to doing business with you.