Robinson Goshawks

A select group of very large Northern Goshawks are hatched each spring, from Wisconsin Bloodlines. These are the largest birds available in the lower 48 states. The tiercels fly at about 760-790 grams and the hens fly at about 1020 to 1060 grams. The tiercels are flying at the same weight as the hen goshawks from Colorado.

Birds are available to General and Master Falconers only; inside the United States. Apply for a bird by submitting a current copy of your falconry permit to; Dr. Meg Robinson DVM, 206 A West Main Street, Waterford, WI 53185. Alternatively you can Email or Fax me your permit at; , or 262-534-9666. Include your phone number and contact information along with your chick gender preference.

Please note we now have 2 Hens in our project and we will now have more chicks expected.

Deposits are not taken until the eggs are hatching. Birds are assigned in the order the permits come in to me. Tiercels and Hens cost are $1,800 each plus the cost of shipping. They are DNA sexed from egg shells. Chicks are reared to 2 weeks of age and are socialized during this time. Falconers are kept updated on the project through email updates.

Egg-In-The-Shell insemination; is being offered to falconers on a case by case basis. Falconers must meet certain requirements in order to be considered. Falconers applying for this service must have a valid breeding permit and send me pictures of their facility and equipment ahead of the breeding season. A stud fee is attached to successful hatches. You are responsible for all of the materials and costs associated with this service.