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Grommets & Grommet Setters for Sale

In falconry, equipment that is properly fitted and securely attached to your bird is vital to their safety, comfort, and well being. If you’re making or customizing your equipment yourself, then you’ll need the best supplies on the market to help you get every detail just right.

Anklets and jesses are two of your most valuable tools as a falconer. In order to securely connect your jess to your bird’s anklets, you’re going to need sturdy grommets and grommet setters to keep them in place. At Mike’s Falconry Supplies, we offer everything you need to set your grommets and maintain control of your bird.

Grommets in Every Size You Need

Our inventory includes all sizes of grommets, standard grommet pliers, and screw type grommet pliers. The grommet setters we’ve designed are easy to use and make placing your grommets a quick and clean process. Standard grommet pliers are ideal for adding grommets on anklets for all types of birds of prey. Screw type grommet pliers work well for anklets, as well as for using grommets to add breathing or drainage holes to bags and vests.

Grommets from Mike’s Falconry Supplies are available in a variety of colors to complement different style equipment. You can purchase them by the box and in smaller sets of 20 or 25. Whatever size and hole diameter you need to secure, we have the grommets and pliers you need to do the job right.

With our grommets and grommet setters to secure your bird’s anklet and other falconry equipment, you’ll have no problem keeping them safe and comfortable while you handle them securely. Get everything you need delivered right to your door when you order from our online store today!