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Falconry Swivels, Snaps & Perch Rings for Sale

Mastering the sport of falconry requires a lot of equipment to help you train, hunt with, and care for your bird. While the big items, like jesses, hoods, leashes, etc., are important, the smaller mechanisms that keep those items safe and intact as you use them are just as crucial. If you skimp on the quality of this hardware, you jeopardize the quality of all the equipment it is holding together too.

At Mike’s Falconry Supplies, our goal is to provide falconers with everything they need to succeed, big and small. That’s why we offer top-quality swivels, snaps, karabiners, and perch rings to help you ensure the equipment you’re using is safe and comfortable for your raptor.

Hawk & Falcon Swivels & Spring Snaps

Just like all of the other falconry equipment in our store, our swivels and snaps are designed for optimum function and built to last. They allow you to fasten, secure, and release your equipment quickly and easily. They also come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and strengths, so they can be used with any size and species of raptor for all levels of training. Hawk swivels, falcon swivels, spring snaps, and karabiners from Mike’s Falconry Supplies are ideal for safe, tangle-free leash setups, jess and hood attachment and release, creance line snap, glove safety lines, and more.

Perch Rings

Our perch rings are made of stainless steel and offered in several different diameters to accommodate raptors of all sizes. Use one to make a falcon block, bow perch, or rotating perch that will provide your bird with comfort and stability for years.

Order all the falconry supplies you need from our online store today or give us a call to discuss any custom equipment needs!