Norwegian Full-Cuff ELK glove, Left hand. Color options may vary from Black or chocolate brown.

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Our ELK gloves are handmade in the USA , with elk hides we hand pick. Color options may vary from Black or chocolate brown.



Norwegian Elk Full-Cuff , LEFT HAND GLOVE (Made by Stanislav for Mike’s Falconry exclusively.)    Color options may vary from Black or chocolate brown.

( This glove is made from the best quality tanned Elk hides for heavy use and long life.)

Our ELK gloves are handmade with the best elk hides that are hand picked. Other vendors online may offer elk gloves at lower cost but there gloves will not have the quality or workmanship that our gloves do. We have been selling these handmade elk gloves for over 15 years so if you want the best quality elk gloves you know where to come. Made from extra thick black Norwegian elk hide. A beautifully hand made glove 15 inches long with double thickness over the thumb, top two fingers and forearm. This glove will work well for large falcons and red-tailed hawk size birds and it will last for many years. Glove comes in black color only with D-ring and tassel, cuff comes with a stooping falcon design on it. Glove sizes come in small, medium and large & extra large. ( LEFT HAND GLOVE)

We also recommend that your new glove if made from Cowhide, Elk or Buffalo hide be treated with a good leather preserver. We recommend using Mike’s Leather conditioner on your new glove. You
can heat a small amount of our product in the micro wave and then rub
it on the glove lightly and then let dry over night before using. It is a
good idea to use only one glove per bird and if your bird has been sick
to discard this glove and get a new one.

425 – Norwegian Elk Full-Cuff , LEFT HAND GLOVE. $89.00




3 reviews for Norwegian Full-Cuff ELK glove, Left hand. Color options may vary from Black or chocolate brown.

  1. Marten Benatar

    I highly recommend this glove! I have been using this style of glove for many years for different types of hawks. It is a quality designed glove with quality elk hide. I also love the fact that it is made in the good ole USA. Thanks Mike!

  2. Anonymous

    I received this type of glove as a gift when I first started falconry. That was ten years ago and the glove is still going strong! I have never ever had a talon from large raptors go through this glove, and none of the stitches have come out despite the age and by cleaning the glove. I definitely recommend it because this glove will literally last you for years!! In fact, I ordered a shorter version. This elk hide is a solid investment. Thanks for keeping the high quality going!

  3. Garrett Dittmer

    Recently received this glove in the mail, showed up quickly after placing the order. Fit is great, and the craftsmanship is excellent. Very happy with it, now i am anxiously waiting for trapping season. Thanks

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