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Mike is helpful!

Mike has been helping me for years. He was patient and answered all my questions during my apprentice years, and he’s been there for me every step of the way as I’ve learned and advanced through the sport. He’s given me nothing but good tips on gear, technique, and personal preferences. He’s even shared contact

Tom Roach
Dec 1, 2020

Good customer care

Thank you so much for quick device and excellent customer care

Vicky Julier
Nov 30, 2020

Wow! Rapid delivery of quality gear from across the pond.

It’s hard sometimes to get good falconry kit, and delivery can be slow. But my order from Mike’s was the complete opposite! Despite ordering from the UK and expecting three or four weeks’ wait, the shipment arrived as quickly as if I’d ordered it from within the UK. It also contained kit you cannot easily

Matt G
Jul 10, 2017

Outstanding service, quick shipping, and excellent quality

Incredible customer service! Mike called me shortly after I made an order to discuss some of the grommet sizes that I had selected. He noticed that most of my gear was for larger hawks but I had also added grommets that were appropriate for much smaller birds. He called to confirm and to see if

William P.
Jun 29, 2017

Mike’s Falconry support to the local clubs!

I thank you for being so supportive of the falconry community. In the past year I have attended numerous state falconry club fund raising events and your gracious donations were front and center, helping to raise money for these clubs. I was at the SC meet last weekend and the items you sent added nicely

Richard Shores
Feb 27, 2017