All Steve Tait Style Dutch hoods two tone colors


These Dutch hoods are made using our original set of Steve Tait hood blocks. If you want a hood that has a little more room and fits extremely well,..


All Steve Tait Style Dutch hoods two tone colors

Our Dutch hoods are made using our original set of Steve Tait hood blocks.

If you want a hood that has a little more room and fits extremely well, you should try one of these new Dutch style hoods. This hood has a squarer shape on top and makes for a better fitting hood. All or our hoods are expertly hand sewn and come with some tooling and a double Turks knot and nylon braces. Most hoods come in a nice two-tone color. We carry a full range of hood sizes from Golden eagle to Kestrel. Please note these hoods are not made by Steve Tait.

These hoods are made by our hood makers using our original Steve Tait hood block set that we purchased from Steve Tait. We are also the sole maker of this set of Steve Tait hood blocks and you can also purchase these hood blocks directly from us.

Enter the hood size you required in the drop down menu above..

704A Steve Tait Dutch style hoods.

Hood size and species listed below:

000 male sharp-shin
00. male kestrel
0. female kestrel
1. male columbarius merlin
2. male richardsons merlin, female sharpshin
3. female columbarius merlin
4. female richardsons, large female columbarius merlin,
5. large female richardsons merlin
6. small male coopers hawk, M/Aplomado
7. male coopers hawk, small male merlin/peregrine
8. male merlin/peregrine, F/ Aplomado
9. female coopers hawk, Lg F/ Aplomado
10. female merlin/peregrine, small male barbary, Eastern F/Coopers hawk
11. male barbary, M/ Red Shoulder hawk
12. large male barbary, male brookei peregrine
13. small male prairie
14. small male peregrine, male prairie, female barbary, male lanner, M/ Tundra Peregrine
15. male peregrine, male gyr/barbary , small male Harris
16. female prairie, large male gyr/barbary, Sm/female lanner, male Goshawk, lg male Harris, F/Red Shoulder hawk, small Male Finish Goshawk
17. female peregrine, small male gyr/peregrine, large female prairie,F/ Lanner falcon/ F/Tundra Peregrine, Large Male/Fin Goshawk
17.5 female peregrine, male gyr/peregrine, sm F/Harris hawk.
18. female NA goshawk, large male gyr/peregrine, large female peregrine, Female Harris, Male Siberian Goshawk, Female Finish Goshawk.
19. male gyr/saker, large female peregrine, female gyr/barbary, female saker
20. male gyrfalcon, female gyr/prairie, large female saker, small Western male Red tail, Female-Siberian goshawk
21. large male gyrfalcon, female gyr/peregrine, female gyr/saker, Large Western or Eastern/ male Red tail
22. female gyrfalcon, small Western female red-tail
23. large female gyrfalcon, Western or Sm/ eastern female red-tail, male ferruginous hawk
24.Average/ Eastern F/Red tail hawk, Sm/female ferruginous hawk
25. Large Eastern F/ Red tail hawk, Large F/ Ferruginous hawk

When ordering a hood please list the species and sex of your bird and its hunting weight, you can also look at our hood size chart above and give the hood size for the bird you need.


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