Practical Handbook of Falcon Husbandry and Medicine

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A great new book that all falconers, veterinarians, Zoo’s, veterinary students and raptor rehabilitators will want to get…


Practical Handbook of Falcon Husbandry and Medicine

A great new book that all falconers, veterinarians, Zoo’s, veterinary students and raptor rehabilitators will want to get. Read more about this wonderful new book. Author: Margit Gabriele Muller – Dr MedVet MBA MRCVS DVetHom (Director Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) Falcon medicine exists for centuries, but in the past 10-15 years tremendous progress and new development of diseases and treatment methods have been made. It has always been a challenge to treat these beautiful birds of prey and the challenge continues until now. Falcons, falconry and falcon medicine are important in Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates which can be regarded as the cradle of modern falcon medicine in the 21st century. Having treated more than 30,000 falcons over the past years, the author feels that the time has come to share her outstanding experience with the veterinarians’ and falconers’ community for the sake of these incredible birds of prey – to enhance their living conditions and to improve medical falcon health care world-wide. This book is based on her experience of a large variety of different cases and is therefore very practical-oriented. It is intended to be a useful handbook for all interested people working with falcons and other avians such as veterinarians, veterinary students, falconers and raptor rehabilitation workers. The aim of this book is not to include all research that has ever been done on falcons, but to highlight those issues that are really working out in practice. It includes 17 chapters ranging from history of falcon medicine to different diseases up to first aid and intensive care medicine. A new classification for aspergillosis and bumblefoot is described. Moreover, the book also includes new diseases in falcons that have not yet been described elsewhere. Binding: Hardcover book Published on September 2009 Pages: pp. 403, more than 350 photos.

5139 Practical Handbook of Falcon Husbandry and Medicine.

Table of Contents: Preface Chapter 1: Introduction pp. 1-11 Chapter 2: Species Information pp. 13-31 Chapter 3: Falcon husbandry pp. 33-49 Chapter 4: Molting pp. 51-67 Chapter 5: First Aid pp. 69-88 Chapter 6: Clinical examination, sampling and medical procedures pp. 89-121 Chapter 7: Laboratory examinations pp. 123-139 Chapter 8: Imping and coping pp. 141-155 Chapter 9: Feather and skin problems pp. 157-190 Chapter 10: Parasitic diseases pp. 191-122 Chapter 11: Fungal diseases pp. 223-242 Chapter 12: Bacterial Infections pp. 243-261 Chapter 13: Viral Diseases pp. 263-284 Chapter 14: Orthopedic problems and surgery pp. 285-307 Chapter 15: Soft tissue problems and surgeries pp. 309-332 Chapter 16: Intensive care pp. 333-346 Chapter 17: Miscellaneous pp. 347-371


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