Our lures are made from durable cowhide in dark and light brown colors. Excellent for entering a young hawk or for calling your bird back after an unsuccessful chase…


RABBIT LURES FOR HAWKS – (Great size for Goshawk up to the largest Red tail hawk size birds.)

We now offer this great hand sewn Cottontail hawk lures made from durable cowhide leather. Our lures are excellent for entering a young hawk or calling your bird back after an unsuccessful chase. Each lure comes with a bungee meat tie and a 8 foot lure line. Our standard rabbit lures are made from only the best brown cowhide and we sew them here on our industrial sewing machine using the best water proof nylon threads. So you can count on this lure lasting a long time.

1000 – Standard cowhide Cottontail lure. $39.95

Lure size is 11 inch long by 4 inch wide and 2 inch thick. Lure weighs about 8oz.

Note: We have now added a bright green florescent para-cord lure line to make it easier to find your lure in the field. This thicker lure line also makes it easier on the hands when swinging the lure.


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