Block Perches and Bow Perches: How to Choose the Correct One

Falconry perches should never be bought hastily. These are very personal items for your birds, and as such, they must be optimized to fit your bird’s specific needs, environment, and preferences. While there are various falconry perches on the market, the two main styles you will see are block perches and bow perches. Neither is better overall than the other, but one may be better suited to a specific bird than the other. Read on to learn more:

Block Perches

Block perches are a single, vertical block shaped like a cylinder with a flat top for the bird to rest. They’re made by pouring liquid rubber into falcon block molds and then cured to make the rubber nearly indestructible. Falcon blocks can vary in size, but all are easily transportable. Their top is typically made of long leaf stadium astro turf or other substrate in order to protect the bird’s feet. Block perches are best for longwing raptors such as falcons down to kestrel’s size birds.

Bow Perches

Bow perches, as their name suggests, are shaped just like a bow. They are custom welded from steel, but the top is wrapped in nylon rope. You can also buy our Bow perches without the wrapping on them and then wrap them yourself at a lower cost to you. The bow perch is easily portable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Many falconers tend to use bow perches for broad wing and short wing raptors such as Red tail hawks, Harris hawks and Goshawks and Coopers hawks and other these sizes.

Mike’s Falconry Supplies offers a variety of both block and bow perches. Look through our inventory today or contact us with further questions.