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The History and Value of the Ancient Art of Falconry

In California, Falcons Are Keeping Nuisance Birds off Farms

The ancient sport of falconry interests many people, but the time and effort to master the skill makes it a sport for only the most dedicated. However, you can still learn more about the history of falconry and its use today. The sport helps everyone to develop an appreciation for the beauty, intelligence, and value… Read more »

Equipment Needed To Get Into Falconry

If you’re interested in falconry, you need a few supplies before you can properly work with the birds. Here are some must-have pieces of equipment to invest in as you get started in the sport. Aba An aba is a form of a restraint for a hawk or falcon. It is primarily used to calm… Read more »

In California, Falcons are Keeping Nuisance Birds off Farms

Historically, the ancient sport of falconry was developed to hunt small game with trained raptors. Since humans first started training raptors more than 3,000 years ago in Mesopotamia, however, the principles of falconry have found a number of other practical applications as well. In recent years, falconers have even found work protecting agricultural lands from… Read more »