NEW 2019 MICRO RAPTOR TRANSPORT CARRIER - for Kestrels, Merlins size birds. Carrier must ship by itself.

How to Choose the Right Raptor Transport Carrier Size

Raptor transport carriers can help you keep your bird comfortable as you travel. But which type of transport carrier is right for your specific bird? At Mike’s Falconry Supplies, we offer three main sizes of raptor transport carriers: micro, medium, and large. Here, we discuss the details of each carrier to determine which one you ought to buy.

Micro Raptor Transport Carrier

The micro raptor transport carrier is excellent for small hawks and falcons. These include Kestrels, Merlins, Screech Owls, and Sharp Shin Hawks. It is made of 1.5mm grade aluminum, ensuring your carrier will endure anything for many years go come. Air holes are located on the top sides, and bottom, and the carrier can be easily cleaned. Carrier weight is about 6 pounds and the total size is 16” tall with a 12” depth and width.

Medium Raptor Transport Carrier

The micro transport carrier works well for small birds, but what about ones that are a little bit larger? Our medium raptor transport carrier can fit a variety of birds including the following:

  • Coopers Hawk
  • Male Harris Hawk
  • Male Red Shoulder Hawk
  • Small Male Red Tail Hawk
  • Aplomados
  • Tiercels Falcons

This carrier is 22” tall with a 20” depth and a 12” width. The perch height is also adjustable to accommodate your specific raptor. Similar to our micro carrier, it is made out of 1.5 mm grade aluminum and has air holes on the top sides, and bottom.

Large Raptor Transport Carrier

Finally, there is our large raptor transport carrier. At 25” x 24” x 12”, this carrier is meant to fit the largest of raptors, specifically large Red Tail Hawks and Harris Hawks. It features heavy duty, tight-fitting doors and hinges, as well as a smooth interior to ensure your raptor’s safety and comfort. It has air holes on the top sides, and bottom, and it also comes with four rubber feet on the bottom of the carrier to protect it and help hold it in place in your vehicle.

Still not sure which raptor transport carrier is right for you? Then contact us today at Mike’s Falconry Supplies.