bird resting on falconry glove

How to Choose the Right Falconry Glove

One of the most essential falconry tools to have is the falconry glove. A falcon or hawk has long, sharp talons that can cause much harm to your hand or arm if unprotected. As such, a falconry glove can protect your hand and arm from your falcon or hawks talons, but only if you find the right one. Here, we discuss the different factors you should consider when choosing a falconry glove.

Finding the right size

A falconry glove will only protect you if it fits your hand and arm properly. The glove should be snug but not tight. However, there are a variety of sizes for falconry gloves, and if you’re ordering them online, it can be difficult to tell which size is right for you. To help you find the right size, you can follow our sizing chart and instructions here free of cost.

Glove vs. gauntlet

Technically speaking, you can get two different types of falconry gloves. There is the traditional glove that only covers your hand and wrist, and then there is the gauntlet which covers your hand, wrist, and arm. If you’re handling a falcon, then a glove should be sufficient. These falcon gloves will range from 10 inch long up to 12 inch long. However, for hawks and other large birds, a gauntlet will provide better protection. Gauntlets will range from 14 inch long up to 17 inch long.

Left or right hand?

You only need one hand covered by a glove or gauntlet, but which hand should it be? If you’re right-handed then the glove should cover your left hand. Conversely, if you’re left-handed, then the glove should cover your right hand.

Types of leather

We recommend that your falconry glove be made out of either Cowhide, Elk, Deer hide, or Buffalo hide. These hides offer ample protection and durability. Deer hide and Cowhide gloves tend to be the lower cost options, while Elk and Buffalo hide are more expensive but well worth the cost for their durability and long life. If your new glove is made out of Deer, Cowhide, Elk, or Buffalo hide, we also recommend treating it with a leather preserver to extend its life. Use Mike’s Leather conditioner.

At Mike’s Falconry Supplies, we offer a wide variety of falconry gloves and gauntlets for you to choose from. Look through our website or contact us today with further questions.