What Are the Benefits of Falconry?

Falconry is a unique sport that dates back to the middle ages and has maintained its popularity over time. Many hunters, outdoorsmen, and conservationists are interested in mastering the art of falconry and experiencing the benefits of this pastime firsthand.

But what exactly are the benefits of falconry anyway? What is it that draws people to the sport and has made it such a valuable craft for all these centuries?

Falconry helps improve raptor populations.

The practice of falconry makes a lot of positive contributions to conservation efforts for birds of prey. Disease and predation leave many raptor species with a low chance of survival during the first year of life. Falconers trap these young chicks to use in the field, working to nurse them to optimal health and providing protection from predators.

Once they’re done hunting with them, long after this period of vulnerability has passed, they release them back into the wild to thrive. Plus, some falconers also breed raptors that eventually join wild populations, helping the species even further!

Raptors can provide eco-friendly population and pest control.

Raptors prey on many of the nuisance birds, rodents, and other animals that ravage crops. Employing falconry as a form of pest control reduces the use of harmful chemicals that negatively impact our health and the environment.

Additionally, falconry birds help manage prey populations in the wild to prevent overpopulation and the devastating long-term effects it can have on habitats and the ecosystem as a whole.

The one-of-a-kind relationship a falconer develops with their bird is an experience unlike any other.

Most falconers will tell you that the best part of the sport is the incredible bond they feel with their birds of prey. Falconry provides a sense of challenge, fulfillment, and a unique opportunity to learn for those who practice it.

In fact, much of what we know about raptors comes from observing them through their role in falconry. Through this ancient practice, we are able to learn about the behavior and habits of many birds of prey. The more we expand our knowledge base, the more refined our efforts at care and conservation become.

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