Buddy Mk2 Digital Egg Monitor by Avitronics


Buddy Mk2 Digital Egg Monitor by Avitronicspp



Buddy Mk2 Digital Egg Monitor by Avitronics

The Buddy Mk2 Digital Egg Monitor is the second version of this product and can be used for all types of egg monitoring, but was developed for the thicker – shelled species such as hawks and Falcons and Eagles, it has LED’s attached to the sensor pad, which enables faster detection of the heart rate.

This product can be used with all birds of prey eggs, Parrots and most all other eggs including reptile eggs.

More info about the Buddy2.

There is no heat radiation whatsoever, so Buddy is completely safe. If your egg is fertile then Buddy will tell you by around day seven or eight. You simply place your egg in the egg compartment, close the lid and press the “on” button. You will instantly be given information from the onboard screen via a flashing heart, Pulse readout, and three-digit heart rate. (You will be amazed how rapid a chick’s heart beats)! If the chick is moving then the Buddy egg monitor will tell you. When the chick settles the readout reverts back to heart rate. If the chick is not alive Buddy will let you know, showing a black still heart, a flat Pulse line and zero heart rate readout. Buddy is battery operated so can be taken out to your aviary to check any eggs, or if your work is in the field of conservation you can take Buddy anywhere you go, even up the tallest of the Rain forest trees! You will wonder how you ever got by in the past without your Buddy.

Ebuddy2 – Buddy Mk2 Digital Egg Monitor. $369.95

Comes with one 9 volt battery and is ready to use.

Comes with a one year warranty.


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