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Professional brooder designed for attending post-hatched chicks


Lory Brooder – Chick Care Excellence

The chicks that were just hatched in the incubator should be moved into the Brooder that provides them with the optimal conditions for growing properly.


Fully Digital – the electronic temperature controller with its clear digital display enables maximum accuracy and easy control of the brooder’s temperature.

Fan Assisted Heating Element – the heating element, with fairly low temperate, is being set on a metal heat sink and heats the brooder. The heat that generated from the heating element is spread evenly throughout the brooder by a controlled computer-type fan. The temperature can be set on to the accuracy of 0.1 Degrees Celsius.

Maximum Visibility – the sliding transparent glass doors allow visual inspection and monitoring of the chicks and can be lifted out for cleaning.

Useful Tray – the useful tray covers the brooder’s floor and allows the breeder quick and complete cleaning process.

Easy Disassembly – the complete heating element can be easily & quickly removed for maintenance actions.

Mobility – the brooder’s light-weight makes it possible to use the Lory 10 as a portable appliance by connecting a 12 Volt DC converter to the car’s cigarette lighter.
CE approved

Lory4102 – Professional brooder. $1350.00.

Model 4102 is the Lory 10 Basic with portable tray for cleaning & water container & LED lights with a separate switch for hand feeding during the dark hours.

The Lory 10 Brooder comes with a 2 year warranty.

Shipping wt is 18 pounds, size is roughly 20 inch long x 13 inch depth x 16 inch tall.


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