Raptor Breeder Plus, 8oz or 227g, also great for promoting faster molting

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Raptor Breeder- Plus, is a complete supplement specifically formulated for the breeder avian raptor…


Raptor Breeder Plus, 8oz or 227g, also great for promoting faster molting.

RAPTOR BREEDER- PLUS, IS A COMPLETE SUPPLEMENT SPECIFICALLY FORMULATED FOR THE BREEDER AVIAN RAPTOR. This product contains vitamins, minerals (chelated), probiotics, electrolytes, amino acids, and an energy booster. We at PRO-VITAL ® understand that a product designed for reproduction not only encompasses the increase contents of vitamin E (to increase the sexual desire in the adults), but there are many other key vitamins and ingredients that are very important in the development and survival of the embryo. A breeding formula should not be an incomplete formula as just vitamins; it needs to be a complete formula, one that takes the embryo into consideration. That is why we at PRO-VITAL® have designed a product with all the necessary ingredients in their proper concentrations, not only to increase the sexual arousal in the adults (vitamin E), but one that is going to increase the embryo survival in the egg, increase the percentage of hatchability, increase the immune system, not only in the parents but also in the hatchlings. A product that is going to minimize the breeding stress in the parents and maintains them in optimal health for the next breeding season. That task can only be achieved, with all the necessary key ingredients at play. We at PRO-VITAL® are committed to provide and develop the best possible products on the market. Raptor Breeder dose: Dose: Sprinkle food with approximately 1/8 of a tsp per 100 grams of body weight per day.(1/8 of tsp per 3.5 oz of body weight per day). Amount can be increased or decreased as needed. Do not increase more than 25%. After first egg has been laid amount can be decreased to diminish mating instinct, or given every other day. Start eyas with any mentioned amount,feed daily. Safe for all ages. Use for: Breeding, Molting, Eyas rearing, flying, Rehab, Maintenance.

PV654- Raptor Breeder, 8 oz or 226 grams sealed pack.

Expiration dates for all Pro-Vital supplements is normally 12 months to
16 months.

To keep supplements as fresh as possible keep the containers sealed and out of direct sun light.


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