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ABOUT FOUR FALCONRY FUNDAMENTALS: Part troubleshooter, part owner's manual, Four Falconry Fundamentals strips away the sport's layers of inherent complexity and tradition to reveal its cornerstone concerns: prey base; husbandry; recall; and slip management. Drawing from more than 35 years of successful field experience, Mullenix guides the reader through each fundamental aspect of the sport and how it relates to important considerations, like: choice of a hawk; weight management; entering and finally, measuring success. Concise and highly readable, this small book hopes to start conversations, inspire new ways of thinking and improve falconers' practice and enjoyment of their sport.

By Matthew Mullenix

Soft cover book 6 x 9, 71 pages with color pictures, signed by the author.

5185 Four – Falconry Fundamentals. $22.95

Reviews below:

1st review.
I have read numerous falconry books that go into extensive detail. This is good and necessary as falconry is a detail oriented endeavor. Having said that, this isn't a detail book. Rather, it provides a framework by which all the other details can fit into. For an apprentice like myself, it does a superlative job of giving a high level overview of the core fundamentals that are relevant to successfully flying a hunting hawk. I suggest future apprentices make this book a first read. When reading subsequent books, think about how all the details fit into trying to achieve the fundamentals outlined here.

2nd review.
I’ve never seen falconry painted so effectively with such a broad brush, but I’m not surprised it was Matt Mullenix who ultimately nailed the gig. “Four Falconry Fundamentals” is the perfect outline for budding falconers. It’s well-organized, to the point and easy to understand. It’s a look at the key elements that lead to consistently taking game with our birds, which is, after all, the whole point of what we do as falconers. The icing on the cake? The book is written in classic Matt Mullenix style—witty, articulate, sincere and unabashedly honest. Matt has a writing style like no other. His work is, as always, not only enlightening, but incredibly entertaining to read. I highly recommend “Four Falconry Fundamentals.”

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