The Harris’s Hawk Revolution



The Harris’s Hawk Revolution

By Jennifer & Tom Coulson

1st Edition 2012 Hard bound book with 661 pages & over 200 color photos.

The Harris’s Hawk has made a tremendous impact on falconry worldwide because it brings many new features to the sport. The Coulsons discuss the adaptations that predisposed this hawk to falconry and to becoming one of the most popular raptors in the sport. Foremost among these is the species’ highly social nature.

This book offers a great wealth of information that can be used by falconers or anyone that is interested in learning more about these wonderful birds. The information in this book will allow you to better train your Harris hawk and intern allow you to have a much better hunting companion in the field as well as at home. Jennifer and Tom have gone to great lengths to make sure the most up to date information is included in this great new book and once you have received your copy you will be able to see this right away.

Below is a listing of the 20 chapter’s titles in this great new book. A very well done book and one that all falconers will want to add to their library.

Chapter listing:

1.The Hawk that Revolutionized Falconry

2. Natural History of Harris’s Hawk

3. & 4 Falconry Housing, Diet, Equipment, Imping and Coping

5. Selecting a Harris’s Hawk for Falconry

6. Obtaining and Training the Harris’s Hawk

7. Cast, Group and Gang Hunting

Falconers flying any species of hawk will find a wealth of valuable information on hunting in Chapters 8 through 12.

8. Scouting for Game

9. Hunting Methods and Strategies

10 & 11. Furred and Feathered Quarry

12. Hawking Trips and Falconry Meets

13. Harris’s Hawks and Dogs

14. Teamwork: Ferrets and Harris’s Hawks

15. Selective Breeding and Hawks Suitable for Breeding

16. & 17. Breeding the Harris’s Hawk and Breeding Equipment

18. Causes of Mortality

19. Medical Issues in Harris’s Hawks

20. Game Recipes

5016: The Harris’s Hawk Revolution. $85.00


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