Steve Tait Eagle hood blocks & Patterns, set of six

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Sold exclusively at Mike’s Falconry. Eagle hood blocks set of 6. These are the most up to date sized eagle blocks made today and will we


Steve Tait Eagle hood blocks & Patterns, set of six

Steve Tait has long been known as an excellent hood maker. He has spent years working on and perfecting the superior fit that your hood will have after being molded on one of these hood blocks. A hood made on a Tait hood block will fit your birds head great and will stay in place. These hood blocks are made perfectly symmetrical or as perfect as they can be. Once you try one of these hood blocks you will never go back to anything else. Tait hood blocks have been in use for many years with lots of satisfied customers around the world. Your set of hood blocks comes with a complete three piece template of each block size.

We make our hood blocks using a high density resin that is almost indestructible and will last a life time. Each block comes with a corresponding Dutch hood pattern and a full sizing chart. (We recommend buying a set of three when trying to fit your bird. Normal delivery time is about two to three weeks from date of purchase for half and full sets of blocks and we ship by UPS ground for ½ and full sets with insurance and tracking. Singles or sets of three will be shipped by priority mail.

All of our hood blocks are made by us here at Mike’s Falconry Supplies and we are the sole owner of the Master molds and Hood patterns for Steve Tait hood blocks. Steve sold us this business over 8 years ago and he has updated the beak openings for these hood patterns two years ago to have a wider opening for a better fitting hood.

Hood block sale agreement to customers:
Mike’s Falconry Supplies owns the full copy rights and all of the master molds to produce Steve Tait’s original Hood blocks in a set of 28 block sizes. We also own the full copy rights and molds for 6 eagle size Steve Tait blocks too. All of our Steve Tait blocks are numbered on the bottom of the blocks and are signed by me with our business name on bottom of the blocks. When we sell these blocks, you have the right to make hoods on them but you do not have any rights to re-produce our blocks. If anyone is caught trying to make or sell copies of our hood blocks they will be contacted by our attorney and taken to court for copy right infringement.


Eagle hood blocks set of 6: set of 6 different hood blocks plus hood patterns to fit many eagle sizes around the world: $500.00


USA orders
is best to use UPS ground for lowest S&H charge, but we can ship them priority mail or express also if needed.


This set of eagle blocks come in 6 different sizes and hear in the US will fit Golden & Bald eagles along with many other eagles world wide. With these six size ranges you should be able to fit just about any eagle.

List of Eagle Hood Sizes

1. Female Bald Eagle
2. Female Golden Eagle
3. Small Female Golden Eagle, Large male Bald Eagle
4. Male Bald Eagle, Large Male Golden Eagle
5. Male Golden Eagle, Small Male Bald Eagle
6. Small Male Golden Eagle



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