Signal Finder Telemetry Tester & Switch


The Signal Finder works with all transmitters on all frequencies! SF125 Signal Finder, comes with landyard. ..


The Signal Finder works with all transmitters on all frequencies!

SF125 Signal Finder, comes with lanyard.

Product Description The Signal Finder is a compact, wide-band receiver designed to verify the operation of telemetry transmitters. Transmitters equipped with a magnetic switch may be turned on and off with the Signal Finders internal magnet for single-step operation. This little device means that you do not have to take your receiver out of the case at the end of the hawking day, simply take out the Signal Finder and turn off those transmitters. Also, some falconers do not have a receiver and borrow one in the event the hawk should get lost so be certain your transmitter is up and running with the Signal Finder. This is an extremely handy device and you will appreciate it more and more. Operation The Signal Finder is equipped with a strong, rare earth magnet for use in activating transmitters equipped with a magnetic on and off switch. The magnet is located on the bottom of the Signal Finder opposite the lanyard attachment point (see photo). To turn the transmitter ON or OFF, simply hold the magnet end of the Signal Finder directly above the area of the transmitter where the magnetically activated switch is located. To verify the transmitters operation, push and hold the button on the Signal Finder. The Signal Finder will first beep and flash its LED twice to verify that it is operational. It will then beep and flash in cadence with the transmitter. To turn the transmitter OFF, repeat the above sequence. The Signal Finder will stop beeping and flashing when the transmitter has been successfully deactivated. Note: If your transmitter does not have a magnetically operated on/off switch, it may be tested but cannot be activated or deactivated with the magnet in the Signal Finder. Features: Durable weather-resistant case, Magnet for turning transmitter ON and OFF. Push button operation prevents battery drain when not in use. Microprocessor-controlled signal detection algorithm. LED & Tone indicators signal that transmitter is operational. LED & Tone indicators signal that tester battery is functioning. Lanyard attachment point to prevent loss in the field.

Specifications: Dimensions 2.24 x 1.34 x 0.4 in / 56.8 x 34.7 x 10.2 mm Weight 0.6 oz / 15 g Frequency 150 to 450 Mhz / No Tuning Required Battery 1 x CR2032 Lithium Coin Cell


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