Norwegian Eagle Gauntlet 17″ long Left Hand glove great Eagles and large Red tails and Goshawks


Norwegian Eagle Gauntlet 17″ long Left Hand , Also a great glove for Eagles and big female Goshawks and large Red tail size birds.


Norwegian Eagle Gauntlet 17″ long Left Hand , A great glove also for big Goshawks and large Red tail size birds.

A beautiful 17 inch long glove that is made from strong thick pliable chocolate brown cowhide, with double thickness over the thumb, top two fingers and wrist with an added overlay on the back of the glove for more protection from the back talon on eagles etc.. The perfect glove for handling large raptors such as Large Red tail hawks, Ferruginous hawks, eagles, owls, etc. Glove comes in brown only with tassel and D-ring and a very nice eagle design on the cuff. We carry sizes small, medium, large and extra large.( If you have questions about the correct size of glove you should wear, please contact us at and we will send you sizing information. You can also fax or scan and e-mail your hand size and we can size your glove this way. Please also include a circumference measurement around palm just below the knuckles. With this information we should be able to size your hand to the correct size glove. This new glove is a very good fitting glove that is very comfortable and pliable and will be a pleasure to us and wear. With a small amount of upkeep this glove will last for many, many years. This is one of our top gloves for eagles, Great Horned owls, Ferruginous hawks and those big Red tail hawks. Back view of our new 17″ long Norwegian eagle glove. Golden eagle on glove, glove shown is our old style eagle glove. All of our new eagle gloves are made with our new design of the smaller cuff as shown above this picture and are 17″ long.

We recommend treating your new glove first before using it with Mike’s special leather conditioner. This will make it last so much longer.

We also recommend that your new glove if made from Cowhide, Elk or Buffalo hide be treated with a good leather preserver. We recommend using Mike’s Leather conditioner on your new glove. You
do not need to heat our leather conditioner as it is very soft and will rub in very well by just using your fingers. Use a small amount goes along way and once rubbed in well by hand or cloth let it dry over night before using. You can also wipe off any excess with a soft clean cloth.

Note: It is a good idea to use only one glove per bird and if your bird has been sick
to discard this glove and get a new one.

426 -Norwegian Eagle Gauntlet 17″ long Left Hand.

To view our sizing chart click on this link:…

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  1. Anonymous

    We have 4 Bald Eagles, 1 Golden Eagle and 1 large Red-tailed hawk at our facility. We wanted gloves that would be flexible and comfortable while still offering great protection for our staff. I chatted with Mike on the phone and he told me about these gloves. He offered to even send one out for the staff to try on.
    I have been ordering items from Mikes Falconry for years though and have never been disappointed so I ordered 6 custom gloves for each of our staff and we could not be happier! They are comfortable, well worth the price, and all of our birds love them. Our largest female has a hard time keeping her footing comfortable while on the glove at times and this glove offers a wide sturdy place for her to stand and she appears much more confident on them than on our older handling gloves. Each glove was customized to each of the staff perfectly from if you wear a ring to how long the sleeve of the glove should go. Would recommend them to everyone with a large raptor!

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