Arm Length Double thick cowhide raptor and animal handling gloves

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We now offer a new pair of handling gloves that are double thickness in the cuff and also the hand…



Arm Length Double thick cowhide raptor and animal handling gloves, 20 inches long.

We now offer a pair of durable cowhide handling gloves that are double thickness in the cuff and also the hand. The thumb and all of the fingers are now made double thick yet pliable so you can still move your hands and be able to feel your leash.These new gloves are made especially for handling large raptors and biting and scratching wildlife. Glove sizes come in extra large, large, medium, small and extra small. Double thickness leather in hands.

HG – 20 inch long pair of gloves.


Here is a list of things you can do to make sure that you pick the correct size glove the first time.

1. Take a palm measurement of your hand with a soft tape measure all the way around the palm just below the knuckles. Once you have this measurement you can use our chart to get the average size glove for this measurement.
2. The second thing you can do is to fax us a hand tracing of your hand. (Fax to 503-663-9554)(Put your hand face down onto a white piece of paper and slightly spread the fingers apart and then with a pencil trace all the way around the hand -making sure to keep the pencil vertical.
3. It would be best if we could get both of these measurements but if not one that will be very helpful.
4. If you are buying this glove as a gift please try to get the glove size from a friend if possible or if all else fails just ask the person their hand size or glove size.
5. Listed here are the average palm sizes for the corresponding gloves sizes. Extra large glove, palm size 10 ½, large size glove 9 ½, medium size glove 8 ½, small size glove 7 ½ .Women’s sizes would be slightly smaller than these palm measurements.
6. The glove sizes we show listed above are for the average size hand. If you feel that your hand size is smaller or larger than normal then it would be best to fax us a hand tracing and palm measurement.
7. If you are just not sure what size to get it would be best to fax us a hand tracing first and then place your order online, then we can put your hand print with your order to be sure to get you the best fitting glove as possible.
8. Lastly if for some reason your glove does not fit, you can send it back for a different size this is no problem at all. (We will need to charge a minimum shipping fee for the return shipping.)

We also recommend that your new glove if made from Cowhide, Elk or Buffalo hide be treated with a good leather preserver. We recommend using (DB Scientific jess grease or Nurtureseal. You can heat a small amount of either of these products in the micro wave and then rub it on the glove lightly and then let dry over night before using. It is a good idea to use only one glove per bird and if your bird has been sick to discard this glove and get a new one.

Note: If you are looking for a small good fitting woman’s or children’s glove then we now offer sizes, x-small and small sizes. The x-small is for a very small woman’s hand or child’s hand with under a 6 1/2 inch palm measurement. The small is for a 7 3/4 palm measurement or below. If you have a question about sizing please send us a note.

2 reviews for Arm Length Double thick cowhide raptor and animal handling gloves

  1. Eric Armendariz

    I just want to say that I am a very pleased customer. Last week I purchased a pair of gloves for my mother who has a very feisty yellow-headed amazon parrot who has bitten her several times causing her finger to get infected. The gloves arrived to her house within just a few days and she has since loved them and uses them every day. The bird even recently bit her and she didn’t feel a thing thanks to the high-quality gloves. My mother no longer fears the bird and I now have piece of mind thanks to your fine product and swift delivery. A big sincere thank you!

  2. Karin Clements

    I ordered these for wildlife rescue and they work great. I’ve handled raccoons, squirrels and various raptors with them and nothing has broken through. Highly recommend.

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