Weighted Base Quick folding for use with a 5 foot Bownet. Bownet not included.


Weighted Base – Quick folding – for use with 5′ Bownet

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Weighted Base Quick folding for use with 5 foot Bownet, Bownet not included.

Top picture shows the base opened with a remote attached to it. (Remote not included.)

Bottom picture shows the base folded up before opening it.

This weighted base eliminates the need to stake the bownet to the ground. Designed for use with the 5′ diameter bownet. Folds quickly for deployment or transport. Enables set up of the bow net on hard or very soft surfaces. These surfaces can include frozen ground, concrete or even soft sand, where staking down is not possible. It can be used with the string pulled manual trigger that is included with my 5 foot bownet but it is also designed for the attachment of my long range remote release. For those who need to fasten bait in the center of the bownet, we have installed a small metal loop. See video below for a quick demonstration. This weighted base also allows the bownet to be pre-set and transported in a truck or van for fast deployment in the field. It weighs approximately 15 pounds and will hold any birds that you can catch with the bownet. The folder base is 35″ long and 5″ wide and weighs about 9 pounds.

When ordering choose UPS-G for lowest shipping cost.

Please note if you order this order it must ship UPS service, ground or UPS 2 or 3 day service. If you order this will a Bownet also we can ship both in the same box for a lower rate.

WB1 – Weighted Base only.



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