Review: Falcon Fiber: Feather imping kit for small raptors

If you want the best possible tools for imping small raptors like aplomados, sharpshins or merlins; this is it! The fibers are perfectly consistent in thickness and most importantly flexibilty. Over the years I have imped with bamboo, fiberglass, carbon fiber, spring steel and feather shafts. Falcon Fiber is superior to everything. The fiber material and provided glue remain flexible when dried, retaining the natural spring of the quill. The reamer sizes match the fibers diameter exactly, this makes it easy to do a perfect job every time. Imping done with traditional materials (bamboo, fiberglass etc.) can all be done so the repaired feather looks right on a standing bird. The moment the bird begins flying the flexibility problem is obvious. Falcon Fiber completely solves this with a natural bend and flex that one sees in a natural perfect feather. Great tool!

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