Amazing service (fast, amazing quality, more than reasonable price)

I am not a falconer (yet) but I wanted to explore that route and so, I was looking for books about falconry. One recommended book was “The Red-Tailed Hawk”.
I looked on the classic online book retailers (amazon, …) and the price of the book was just insane ($200+). So, when I found, I was a little skeptical considering the price was 5 times lower. I ordered the book around 10pm (9pm in Oregon) or so. The next morning around 6am (5am in Oregon), I received a message that the book was shipped and I had a tracking number. Absolutely mind blowing.
The book arrived on time and was in perfect condition, wrapped in a plastic shipping bag and over it, a cardboard shipping package. No way that book could have been damaged.
So, absolutely premium service and dedication to their customer.
Thanks for everything, I am definitely coming back if I need more books or if I start the journey of becoming a falconer.

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