By Thomas Carnihan, 256 pages over 700 full color original photos, hard cover book.

Book size is 12inch x 8inch and weighs 5 pounds.

This enchanting autobiography, told through entertaining prose and stunning photographs of one mans passionate and inspiring journey: overcoming devastating setbacks to achieve his life-time ambition to train and hunt with a Golden Eagle.
Toms love of eagle falconry gives him the strength of character to prevail over emotional desolation. It takes him on a journey, meeting and hunting with some of the finest eagle falconers in Europe, culminating in a dream come true.
Everyone will be absorbed into the touching story, and marvel at how this unassuming man manages to take such stunning photos. A camera, equipped with an enormous telephoto lens, in one hand and a seven pound Golden Eagle on the other. Pure photographic genius!

Poacher in the Mountains page 11, Inspiration page 19, The Eagle has Landed page 31, Disaster Page 71, Rabbit Hawking with Kaiser page 75, Hooding Eagles page 79, Scotland page 91, Kaiser and the Fox page 95, Kaisers first Brown Hare page 101, UK Eagle Falconry page 105, Secovce 2007- 2008 page 165, Worst Day of My Life page 193, Where Eagles Hare page 203.

5163 Where Eagles Hare.

Signed copies available now for a short time.


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