Traditional Style Kangaroo Jesses for hawks /falcons / small owl


(These are for unreleasable Educational Raptor’s Only) A one piece jess that is permanently attached to the leg…



Traditional Style Kangaroo Jesses for hawks /falcons / small owl

(Please note not all traditional jesses will look like the ones in the picture.)

(These are for unreleasable Educational Raptors Only) A one piece jess that is permanently attached to the leg. These are illegal for falconry in North America. They are still legal for licensed rehabilitators to use on permanently injured raptors for educational purposes. The jesses come pre-oiled and stretched. Please specify species and sex when ordering. We will make each pair of traditional jesses to fit each bird and the length and wide will be adjusted for the size and species of each differnt raptor or bird. Note: If you have a particularly large or small bird please let us know by e-mail and we can also make these adjustments, or you can enter the species and sex of the bird you need jesses for and we will make them up for you per your requirements. Please pick your sex and species from the drop down menu below. All jesses come pre oiled and stretched for a better fitting jess. Note: Please be sure to enter all of your jess sizing and raptor sex and species listed below so we can be sure to make these jesses be the best fitting for your birds. If possible please take a leg measurement around your birds leg with s soft tape measure and enter this in the information box below. This way we can be sure to make the best fitting jess possible for your birds. We normally do not need this measurement but some birds are larger or smaller than others so this can make a big difference for the fit of your jess on your birds legs. Large hawk and falcon jesses are normally 8″ long by 1/2 wide, medium size raptors will be 6″ long by 3/8 wide and small raptors will be 4″ long by 1/4″ wide. If your bird is not in our list on the drop down menu, you can enter this name at checkout time in the Text box and we will add this info in place of what shows.

(If species is not listed in the drop down menu, please enter the species and sex into the comments box when you check out. Thanks.)


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