Raptor Boost vitamin supplements 35.2oz or 1000g


Raptor Boost vitamin supplements 35.2oz or 1000g

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Raptor Boost vitamin supplements 35.2oz or 1000g

PRO-VITAL – RAPTOR SUPPLEMENTS (New Products) PRO-VITAL™ is a Probiotic (beneficial bacteria) Vitamin and Mineral blend concentrate specifically formulated by our Laboratory for use as a water or feed additive in all species of animals. PRO-VITAL™ probiotic blend contains beneficial micro-organisms that assist and stabilize the digestive system of animals. Together with the right proportions of high quality vitamins (including antioxidants) and minerals of PRO-VITAL™ blend, makes this supplement one of the best products on the market. Raptor Boost dose: Pro-vital is a unique complete supplement.
Dose: Sprinkle 1/8 of a tsp per 100 grams of body weight per day. (1/8 of a tsp per 3.5 oz of body weight per day). Use daily, amount can be increase or decrease not more than 30%. Use higher dosage the first 30 days for a loading period, can then be decrease if desired. Can be fed all year. Start eyas after molt. RAPTOR BOOST ATHLETIC BUILDER SPECIALLY FORMULATED FOR THE HUNTING AVIAN RAPTOR IN MIND. Use as a topping. It not only contains digestive enzymes to increase the raptors appetite (microbial origin enzymes), but has all the essential amino acids present. Together with maltodextrin as an energy booster, makes this product nutritionally balanced. Included are PRO-Vital ® probiotics blend a proprietary formula that contains an array of micro-encapsulated beneficial bacteria to boost the immune system, produce digestive enzymes, and beneficial by-products. This product contains 15 high quality vitamins at the right proportions to enhance and optimize the health of the hunting raptor. All our products are formulated and designed by an avian veterinarian, and avian nutritionist to insure quality and to meet all specifications.

All of our products have been extensively tested in a laboratory and in the field. We only use the best of all ingredients in our formula.

PV652- Raptor Boost, 35.2 oz or 977 grams in plastic container with measure scoop. $78.00

Expiration dates for all Pro-Vital supplements is normally 12 months to
16 months.

To keep supplements as fresh as possible keep the containers sealed and out of direct sun light.



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