MX 392-2 High power transmitter, tail mount 216Mhz & 433, 434.


MX 392-2 High power transmitter, tail mount 216Mhz, 218 & 433



The MX-392-2 tail mount transmitter which weighs in at just 4.5 grams with the batteries included!

This is a high output transmitter just like the larger 1/3N MX but only has the 8.5″ antenna which can be further reduced and still give you miles of tracking range. Perfect size for small to medium size hawks or falcons. Also, like all MX Series Transmitters, has the tap on/ tap off activation and low battery indicator/mode. It will run for 14 days continuous but after 48 hours of “on” operation it will go in to slow battery mode and tell you it is time to change the batteries.

MX-392-2 tail mount transmitter. (Uses two 392 batteries.)

Comes with a two year warranty.

Our stock frequency is 216Mhz, 218Mhz, 433Mhz and 434. if shown in the list above. Only the frequencies shown are in stock at this time.

All Merlin systems transmitter come with our phone number on them so that if you bird gets lost and someone finds them, they can contact us and if you have called us at let us know that you have lost you bird we will be able to contact you if we hear anything.


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