Gyr Falcon one of a kind Sculpture


This is Limited Edition Sculpture, However, each piece is hand crafted and hand painted differently by the artist, to make each sculpture one-of-a-kind, and a unique work of art.

Sculpture size of falcon is 20 3/8″ tall , 6″ wide and the base is 8″ at the long side.

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Carlos Estevez (Sculptor)
Carlos Estevez was born in Colombia. At a young age he showed a natural talent for painting and drawing. This talent led to wide recognition in many art contests. His vision, discipline and a childhood passion for horses and wildlife are reflected in his exceptional sculptures and oil paintings.

Custom (Gyr Falcon) Sculpture
This is a Limited Edition Sculpture, however, each piece is handcrafted and hand painted differently by the artist, to make each sculpture one-of-a-kind, and a unique work of art.
This Gyr Falcon is cold cast urethane hand painted with oils and clear coated for durability. The work is completed at Carlos’ studio in Driftwood, Texas, USA.
Each hawk or falcon is so lifelike on their stand that you’ll expect them to move! These falcon sculptures will be one of the most prized possessions in your home.

Payment instructions:
All orders will be placed using a purchase order online. So when you go to check out, you will want to choose the Purchase order under the payment options. This will confirm your order and then we will forward your order to the Sculptor and he will contact you by email about the payment and the shipping options and cost.

We are selling these on consignment with the Art Sculptor and you will be paying him directly for your Art work Sculpture, and he will be shipping it directly to you by either UPS or if international address it will come by DHL or UPS express.

If you have any questions about ordering one of these fabulous Sculptures please contact us through our website or call our toll free number on the top of the website.

2211 – Gyr Falcon Sculpture one of a kind only. $2275.00

 Sculpture size of falcon is 20 3/8″ tall , 6″ wide and the base is 8″ at the long side.


More information about Carlos Estevez.
He immigrated to New York in 1969, he then moved to Texas in 1977, where he began his art career.
In 1981 he produced a series of Limited edition Bull prints that he sold at the Houston Rodeo, along with many color pencil drawings and paintings.

In 1992, Carlos produced his first sculpture with CREART where his love of animals was reflected in his work. His wild-life limited editions were sold at The Nature Company Stores, among many other retailers.

In 1997 he established Estevez Creations, Inc his studio in Austin TX, since then he dedicated his passion to Horses. It is unknown how many of his wildlife sculptures have been sold as of today, however there is documentation to show that he has produced and sold over 20,000 horse sculptures!

In June 2003, he was commissioned by Country Artist (a worldwide recognized company in the gift industry) to design 50 horse figurines for a series called “All About Horses”.
Because of his ability to capture the uniqueness and personality of each horse breed, he has been commissioned by Horse Associations to design their trophies, and many horse owners have commissioned him to perpetuate their horse.

Carlos’ work has been exhibited at numerous places: The Kentucky Horse Park, The American Quarter Horse Museum, as well as fine art shows and art galleries throughout the United States.
Carlos’ collectors are worldwide: In the USA, England, Spain, Canada, Australia, Japan, Colombia, Singapore, Dubai, and Kingdom of Bahrain. In Mexico, he was recognized by the ANDA (Association Nacional de Actors) in an exhibit at the “Salon Siqueiros”. Mrs. Carmen Salinas cut the ribbon.
His limited edition pieces are cast from a mix medium. Carlos hand paints each piece differently making every sculpture of the edition one-of-a-kind. He has also sculpted in clay and in Bronze, offering collectors a unique work of art.



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