Elevator repeating Sparrow and Starling trap


Elevator repeating Sparrow and Starling trap

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Elevator repeating Sparrow and Starling trap.

We now offer a newly designed elevator trap for catching Sparrows and Starlings. Our new trap has been tested on both types of birds and works very well. When this trap is put in areas frequented by either of these types of birds with bird seed or other feeds offered around and in the trap you will have excellent success with trapping either Sparrows or Starlings. Our trap has a special weighted lever that by adding 10 gram washers to the adjuster bar it makes it very simple to setup and use by anyone. Trap size is 14” long x 12.5” tall and 8.5” wide and weighs just 3.5lbs. This trap is made from heavy duty galvanized cage wire for long life and will be a great trap for anyone wanting to trap Sparrows or Starlings. This trap will hold up to 20 sparrows or more and 8 to 12 Starlings.

Many of our customers that have bought our elevator trap have added a larger wire platform in front of ours to get more birds to come to the trap door more quickly. You can also mount or attach this trap to a pole or barn wall up off the floor to to catch more birds.

EL035 Elevator repeating Sparrow & Starling trap. $119.95

Shipping cost may seem high, but we have to double box this trap so that it will get to you in perfect condition.

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  1. Norma Wagner

    We purchased this trap and it arrived on a Tuesday. (May 31, 2016) We put it out on Wednesday (June 1st) and got three starlings the first day. Thursday we got one and Friday we caught 2. Then my husband attached a larger aluminum platform under the one on the trap and it gave a little more room for the birds to sit on and eat off of. He attached it to our pasture fence Saturday evening. Sunday we had 4 birds in it when we left for church and when we came home there was 8 in it. This trap really does work. We just liked a larger porch/platform for them to set on and to entice them with food. That was the only thing we did to it and it has caught three again this morning already. (Monday) We have it out for 6 days and we have caught 17 starlings. Would recommend this cage if you are serious about catching those annoying birds.

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