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** Advertise with us to get great results at lower cost. **
We offer catalog & Website Banner advertising.

Dear Advertisers,

We are looking for potential advertisers such as raptor breeders, feed suppliers, hunting dogs, Bird Abatement companies, Falconry Art etc, to advertise in our falconry supply catalog. This catalog is scheduled for mailing in early spring of 2014 and every two years after this one we will publish a new catalog with new update products and information for your customers at no added cost to them.
Our catalog is mailed out to over ten thousand raptor enthusiasts in the US and foreign countries. This year??s catalog will be over 100 or more pages long and will consist of falconry equipment, raptor breeders, falconry artwork, feed suppliers and other falconry related suppliers.

We are now the only Falconry Supply Business in the USA that still provides a Falconry Supply catalog to our customers, so if you want to be seen by thousands of customers each year, please come advertise with us. ??Our advertising prices are very competitive and are listed below.

You may wonder why we continue to produce our catalog in its smaller size. The reason we do this is so that we can add our catalog to customers orders and in this way we get thousands of catalogs out to more customers each year to promote our advertisers products. Doing a smaller catalog also helps keep our cost down.


1. Our new advertising options will include whole page black and white or color ads in our Falconry Supply catalog which will be around 100 pages or more this year. Only three full page color ads spots are available. Note: the back inside cover is already spoken for.

2. We will also offer free setup of our online Banner advertising for any vendor that has a whole page ad listed in our Falconry Supply Catalog.

3. We will be changing our yearly catalog distribution and will now make it up only every two years. So if you have advertised with us before you will want to think about making your ads without pricing but still include pictures, phone numbers and e-mails and address for your website.

4. We will also want to get a Banner logo from each advertiser so that we can list you within our New Raptor Food suppliers section or our new Raptor Breeder and Birds for sale section on our website.

5. Since we will be publishing the new catalog every two years, we will now need to charge in advance for this two years or advertising.

6. Catalog full page B&W ads will be reduced from $150.00 a year to $125.00. So your cost to advertise with us for two years would now be $250.00 for two years. If you choose one of our full color front inside or back inside ad spots this cost was $450.00 for one year, this would now be $400.00 per year or $800.00 for two years.

7. The cost for our new Banner ads listed on the front page of our website will now be $150.00 per year, this is only a cost of $12.50 per month to have your website show up on our home page and to be seen by thousands of Falconers, Zoo??s and Raptor Centers that need and want to buy your products. We will also offer Banner ads for Raptor Breeders for the sale of Captive breed birds for this same cost.

8. All new advertisements need to be sent to us no later than February 15th. All ads must be sent ready to copy, either from disk, scan able or via e-mail download. We prefer JPG format. All advertising will be done in black and white or if you prefer a color ad we can offer you a full page ad on the inside front, inside back or the back cover. Color full page ads cost is $400.00 per year, two year minimum now. Advertising fees for black & white ads for a full-page ad, (4 1/2 x 7 1/2??) will be $125.00 per year, two year minimum now. If we have to do any text or setup for your ad we will have to charge $35.00 an hour. Our new 2014 & 2015 catalog is planned to ship out on April 1st 2014.

9. We look forward to hearing from you and taking care of your advertising needs. . If you have any questions, please call us or e-mail us.

Mike Syring
Toll free at 1-888-663-5601

New two year rates:
New two year advertising cost for catalog:
Full page B&W ad runs two years, $250.00
Full page color ad runs two years, $800.00
Online Banner ads 1 year, $150.00 per year.


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