a – – The Art of Hawking Sage Grouse, by Steve Chindgren



The Art of Hawking Sage Grouse

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The Art of Hawking of Sage Grouse is a narrowly-focused falconry book, and therefore welcome for good reason: we have no shortage of general purpose falconry books in this day and age. Steve’s book deals with only one very specialized branch of game-hawking, one that few experience or are even able to attempt, one that may in fact be rendered illegal and consigned to history in the near future. Here is a book with observational descriptions and hard-won insights gained over decades of devotion to the art and detailing how his incredible record of consistent success in ¬ finding and hawking grouse has been achieved. This work will be a memorable milestone to a moment in our falconry time-line that may be coming to a close, as with the Heron Hawking days in Holland, now impossible, only to be read about.

It will certainly surprise the biologist, the researcher, the birders and protectionists to discover that it was actually a falconer who loved sage grouse so ardently that he sacrificed most of his active days during the best years of his life to live out in the midst of them, coming to regularly find them at will, marking miles and miles of fence to protect them, carefully observing and filming them year-round, and accumulating a lifetime of lessons through total immersion by paying the price of persistent presence in their stark world of beauty and extremes.

Steve Chindgren “the falconer” may, in very fact, know more about the natural history of Sage Grouse (and how to hawk them) by having personally found and witnessed more grouse rise than any man living. It is often said, “How come the best falconers don’t write books like we’d wish they would?”

Here’s one who did.

Robert L. Bagley

5178 – The Art of Hawking of Sage Grouse, hard bound book. $64.95

Hardbound book, 200 pages and 260 photos with Dust cover.


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