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The art of training a raptor requires a wide palette of skills, and
usually begins with the use of bird launchers. A bird launcher
essentially mimics the natural movement of prey when alarmed by a
predator and triggers the hunting reflex in your falcon. It is but one
of the many tools available to the falconer in the training regimen and
works extremely well.

The primary manner in which a bird launcher operates is to use a
spring-loaded action to launch the bird high into the air, as if it were
being flushed out by a bird of prey, dog, or other hunting animal. By
ensuring that the launching action is being witnessed by the raptor, the
bird being launched will instantly cause the raptor to give chase and
attempt to take down the launched bird.

Mike’s Falconry Supplies Is Your Best Resource for Bird Launchers

There are a host of bird launcher models available on the market
today. One of the primary distinguishing characteristics revolves around
the triggering mechanism used in the bird launcher. Less expensive
models operate by the use of a string or cord and will typically the
launch the bird about seven feet in the air. Other models depend on a
radio remote control mechanism, where you simply press a button and the
launcher is activated.

Mike’s Falconry Supplies provides falconers with everything they need
to train their falcons, eagles, and hawks for hunting, and it offers
bird launcher models along with a variety of other training tools. Send
an email to today for further information on bird launchers.