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Harris Hawks Testimonials

Harris hawk - 6/24/2007
Posted By Carol Katona - Trenton, NJ

I got a small tiercel Harris from you in December 2006. Just wanted to let you know, I am very pleased with him. He got a leg injury so was not able to complete the season. Leg is much better now, no problems. He is like a Cooper's on birds, very fast, which is what I wanted. His manners are impeccable and he has no vices that I can see. I would recommend your Harris Hawks to anyone.

Carol Katona

Customer Testimonials

Wow! Rapid delivery of quality gear from across the pond. - 7/10/2017
Posted By Matt G.

It's hard sometimes to get good falconry kit, and delivery can be slow. But my order from Mike's was the complete opposite! Despite ordering from the UK and expecting three or four weeks' wait, the shipment arrived as quickly as if I'd ordered it from within the UK. It also contained kit you cannot easily get here in the UK, and all of high quality and a fair price, so many thanks. I highly recommend!

Outstanding service, quick shipping, and excellent quality - 6/29/2017
Posted By William P.

Incredible customer service! Mike called me shortly after I made an order to discuss some of the grommet sizes that I had selected. He noticed that most of my gear was for larger hawks but I had also added grommets that were appropriate for much smaller birds. He called to confirm and to see if I wanted the small grommets or appropriately-sized grommets for the larger hawk. Needless to say, he hellped me correct my order by being conscientious and observant. I really appreciate that level of service and will continue my shopping through Mike's. Thank you!

Mike's Falconry support to the local clubs! - 2/27/2017
Posted By Richard S.

I thank you for being so supportive of the falconry community. In the past year I have attended numerous state falconry club fund raising events and your gracious donations were front and center, helping to raise money for these clubs. I was at the SC meet last weekend and the items you sent added nicely to their working budget. The message during these local club auctions is not what kind of a deal can be had but rather you are supporting your own falconry organization and the bids need to be greater than retail value! I was at a meet in Denton NC meet a few weeks ago and there were four of your giant hoods in the parking lot, lots of compliments on the boxes and even more complements for you, understanding the logistics of mail order and always maintaining a professional approach. Richard Shores

2015 Male Harris' from Mike's Captive Breeding Project - 2/1/2017
Posted By Susan C.

As a very happy customer of Mike's Falconry since the early days of my falconry apprenticeship, I'm even more appreciative of his Captive Breeding Project. I've been flying a 2015 male I aquired as a 15-week chamber raised from Mike for nearly two seasons now. His temperament with other HHs is excellent and he is a gentleman when it comes to waiting if his talons aren't needed to subdue quarry another bird(s) have taken. When those talons are needed, he's as tenacious as they come. I just returned with him from the 2017 Arizona Desert Hawking Classic (DHC), where his quarry numbers were stacked up against all of the other birds at the meet. He was the the #1 male HH in take, with two solo jacks and two cotton tails, all at high altitude. He loves to be first off the t-perch when quarry breaks and has always been the last HH flying on reattacks. I took a male from Mike originally with the intent to fly him in Oregon on local cotton tails and starlings, but this male's true quarry love is jack rabbits. When he took his first last season, it was pretty impressive. However, the last one at the 2017 DHC was straight out unbelievable. Even after a long, tiring morning hunt with 20+mph winds and a crop filled with a large woodrat head, he showed me what an amazing little guy he is. After a short break to field dress the morning's game, I cast him off to hopefully take another cotton tail for the molt freezer. Instead, he immediately spotted a jack and after three attempts that were classic to watch, he got ahold of the jack's back leg and tail; the rodeo was on. And on, and on, to the point were I was hoping he would release. At least a quarter mile away and over ten minutes later, the jack took him into a 3' deep ravine and didn't have the power to drag him out the other side. What a display of tenacity both animals showed in that one on one fight for survival. MakaNui now has that 7.5lb jack in his freezer and I have the honor of being this bird's hunting partner. I'm looking forward to many other jack hunts with my Mike's Harris', cast or solo. I just have to remember that this HH will test his quarry's fitness and mine also. I'm also looking forward to acquiring another male HH from Mike' Captive Breeding Project as soon as my license will permit. What a cast that will be!

Fantastic service - 1/5/2017
Posted By Ken

Couldn't be more pleased with the products and services. Great communication and very helpful with questions. Highly recommend!

Insulated glove - 12/16/2016
Posted By Don B.

I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the Columbia insulated gauntlet I ordered a few weeks ago. Trying to go hawking with just a leather gauntlet in 8 degree temps was just not a very good time. I was very impressed with how quickly you sent the glove out once I explained my situation. 8 degrees is still cold but with this glove I can pay attention to my bird and not my frozen fingers. Thanks for all your help.

Unparalleled customer service - 8/31/2016
Posted By Jon D.

I've been a customer for years and I've always been totally happy with the selection of products and the excellent customer service.

Great quality and service!!! - 8/31/2016
Posted By Falk H.

Posted By Clayton B.

I always get fast shipping and quality equipment at a great price. Thats why I keep coming back.

Great products - 10/1/2007
Posted By Rob - Cal.

Hi, Here's some feedback:

Great products, great prices, fast processing and delivery.

I really appreciate that.

Thanks, Rob

Satisfied Customer - 12/24/2007
Posted By Angela S. - Pittsburg, PA

This is just a very satisfied customer dropping a note to let you know how much I appreciate the speed and attention you applied towards my order. Not only did I order directly before christmas and choose standard shipping, but I ordered on a Saturday. I received my Equator bells (size 1) on Christmas Eve and was not only extremely surprised, but very pleased.

Thank you for your service and your incredibly speedy delivery. You can count on the fact that I will be returning for all of my falconry needs!


Angela S., Pittsburgh PA

Love the new light weight hawking bag. - 1/31/2008
Posted By Laurie Rose - TX

Just a note to say I am really enjoying the new Cordura hunting bag! The hunting jacket I have been wearing for years now, really hurt my back and weighed me down. Love the new bag! Thanks Mike! Sincerely, Laurie Rose Ft.Worth, Texas

Good Service - 2/28/2008
Posted By Adam - Royal Center, IN

Comments: I just recently ordered from you for the first time. Thanks for the great, fast service. My order was here very quickly and everything was in great shape! Thanks again, Adam

Great equipment and quick shipping - 8/27/2008
Posted By Haynes Werner - South Carolina

Mikes Falconry is by far the best when it comes to falconry equipment. Its not just the high quality equipment you all sell, but its the speed in delivery that i really like about Mikes Falconry. thanks so much! good hawking

Highly recommended falconry supply business - 10/11/2008
Posted By Misty Carr - Springfield, MO

Highly recommended on the Apprentice Falconry Forum under suppliers.

I would also like to mention that you are highly recommended on the Apprentice Falconry Forum under suppliers. Your customer service and promptness has earned you loyal customers, myself included, in the near future...because of your friendliness and helpfulness. You are a good person to do business with! Keep up the good work! thank you Misty Carr.

Quick service & great products - 9/29/2009
Posted By Jarrod - Darwin Australia.

Hello Mike,
Just writing to say thank you for getting my order so quickly to me, especially when it had to go to Darwin Australia.
The Norwegian eagle gauntlets look great.
I am in the Military and I think our Regimental Mascot which is an Australian Wedge-tail Eagle will really like theses new gloves and make training easier.
Thanks again,

Fast Service - 10/11/2009
Posted By Bill Wright - Sun Prairie, WI

I just want to thank you for your fast service. When I ordered my raptor handling gloves, I received them right away. When one of the gloves had a sewing issue, you sent me a new one the same day you received the one with the problem back.
I will definetly keep you in mind for any future needs I have, and will recommend you to the other volunteers in our wildlife center.
The center is for wildlife rehab., so we don't need the same things used in falconry, but there are some things we can use.

Thanks Again,
Bill Wright