Northwest Heritage Quail

Northwest Heritage Quail is the only producer of the Boyd Quail: a unique, small strain of Coturnix quail specially developed and raised to emulate the exceptional nutritional quality of wild prey. We sell to falconers, zoological facilities, raptor propagators, and endangered species recovery efforts across the country.

Our quail are fed a specifically formulated feed designed to capitalize on their ability to store fat soluble vitamins and other essential micronutrients. In addition our quail are raised in large, indoor, biosecure flight pens, as opposed to standard battery cages. This focus on animal welfare and husbandry results in a darker muscled, more nutritionally dense product.

We ship across the country via UPS, air cargo (best value if your facility is located near an airport) and are more than happy to ship using your institutional shipping account as well.

Please visit our website at or for more information or to place on order contact Landon Moore (254)630-8311 or email us at