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Harris Hawk's for Sale

Baby Harris Hawks..2 weeks old. Baby Harris Hawks.3 weeks old

Adult male and female Harris hawks.

Harris Hawks for sale at this time are listed below. We also have birds setting on three more eggs that will hatch later this week. We are accepting deposits for these birds anytime. These birds will be ready to ship around early August 2018.

First bird was hatched August of 2017 and has been with the parents all this time. This bird is a female and a good size bird. Call or email for total cost.
Second bird is a 3 month old male that was hatch this January 2018 and will be three months old around May 15th 2018. Call or email for total cost.

Orders now being taken for Spring. Birds will be available around July 20th and again in late September early October too. If you would like to have first pick, please e-mail me or call. A $200.00 deposit is required to hold a bird.


Producing excellent quality Harris Hawks since 1985

Excellent game Hawks.

Parent-reared, proven falconry stock with references available.

Our birds are keep with the parents for a minimum of 14 to 16 weeks.

Our main breeding pair our Texas strain and have been breeding together for over twelve years. These two birds have also been are main hunting birds and we have also hunted many of the offspring from this pair.
Our Harris hawks are well known for there great hunting ability and they also get along well with other Harris hawks and have a great calmness about them. There mannerisms with people, dogs and children are very good and we have had many comments from previous falconers to confirm this.

Our birds lay two clutches of eggs a year, so if you are looking for a bird, these are the months we will have young available, July 20th and again in September or early October. These times might change depending on early and late egg laying times so please check with us before placing an order.

A $200.00 deposit is required. Call for pricing.

Birds available each spring starting around July 20th, and again around late September or early October.

Shipping and airline fees are extra and depend upon where birds are shipped to.

You must be a general or master falconer to have a Harris Hawk, or if your state allows Apprentices to start with a captive breed Harris hawk this is fine.

Please send a copy of your falconry permit when sending your deposit.

OUR REFUND POLICY IS, if for any reason we are not able to provide you with the bird you ordered, then we offer a full refund of your deposit. We will also give you the option to be put at the front of the list for the next clutch of birds.

NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT, your deposit would be non refundable if you change your mind for any reason after you have sent in your deposit to hold a bird. The reason behind this is that we have put a bird on hold for you and we have turned away other customers to reserve this bird for you.

A HEALTH CERTIFICATE IS REQUIRED by most states and if your bird is to be shipped by the airlines one is mandatory for shipping, there will be an extra charge of $45.00 for the health certificate.

RETURN POLICY FOR KENNEL, we require that you ship our kennel back to us within one week of receiving your bird, you are required to pay this return shipping cost. UPS or Fedex is fine.

If you have any other questions or wish to order a bird please contact us at the phone number below or e-mail us at mikes@mikesfalconry.com

Mike Syring's Breeding Project
Mike & Jan Syring
4700 S.E. Chase Rd.
Gresham, Oregon 97080
Office # 503-663-5601