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Bullet mews jess with*:


BULLET JESSES-TM, FOR GLOVE/MEWS, by Jim Coughlin , (now with double loops on the end.)

If you are tired of using kangaroo or leather jesses, then these vinyl coated glove and Bullet mews jesses are just the thing for you. They are super strong and are very easy to use, you simply slip the bullet end through the grommets and you bird is securely and quickly tethered. The bullet ends cannot be pulled out no matter how hard your birds tries, but for the falconer they slip in and out very easily. They are not recommended for young or passage birds in the mews as these birds tend to pick at their jesses, these birds should have leather jesses and then at a later date they can be introduced to the bullet jess. for Bullet jesses are made from a supper strong nylon cord, stainless steel and aluminum with an internal braided polyester core line that is UV and mildew resistant. The break strength is 150 lbs (3/16”) 180 lbs for (1/4”) and 240 lbs (5/16”). Bullet jesses made by Jim Coughlin. Bullet jess sizing chart listed below to pick the correct size jesses for your bird. Bullet jesses should be sized according to the size/type of the bird you fly. 3/16” Diameter for Kestrel, Merlin, Western Coopers, Spar, Sharpshin, etc. 1/4” Diameter for Peregrine, Prairie, Lanner. 5/16” Diameter for Harris, Redtail, Gyrfalcon, Goshawk, Eagle Owl. The 3/16”Dia bullet jess will be approx 4” in overall length (when attached). The1/4”Dia bullet jess will be approx 6” in overall length (when attached). The 5/16”Dia bullet jess will be approx8 ” in overall length (when attached). Bullet jesses for mews:Black colors only. Now with double loops on the end.

BJM01 Black mews jesses size 00 or 3/16. $34.00

BJM02 Black mews jesses size 0 or 1/4. $34.00

BJM03 Black mews jesses size 1 or 5/16. $34.00

Choose from drop down menu the size and color mews jesses that you require.

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