Starling lure life like size, choose lure or Drone-Kite-Balloon style

$75.00 $69.95

Starling lure life like size, choose lure or Drone-Kite-Balloon style



Starling lure life like size training lure. (Choose from the drop down menu for regular lure or Drone-Kite-Balloon options.)

This is an excellent lure for training small falcons and will also be a great lure for training bird abatement birds.

The latest evolution in Frank Beebe ‘live-action’ flapping wing lures. Near life sized representatives of the important specie types hunted with trained falcons. These lures excite the pursuit and strike instinct and Falcons love to chase them.

They are the superlative tool in training and conditioning. Teaching footing and agility in young falcons that can only be superseded by hacking. Their use allows the falconer the luxury of diminished time required on pitch training with kite, balloon or drone as this phase of training is approached with a falcon already physically capable and conditioned.

Ideally attached to a lure-pole, approximately 8′ in length, allowing the falconer superior control in swinging the lure. Constructed of two types of high impact foam and vinyl these lures take on any field conditions and are resistant to moisture, heat or freezing. Decorated with eco-friendly elastomeric paints, they are an example of highly functional art.

Star1 – Starling lure: A small size lure Suitable for small to medium size falcons. $75.00.
Star2 – Starling lure use with Drone-Kite or Balloon, suitable for small to medium size falcons. $75.00.

Body length is 8″ long, wing span is 9″ and body thickness is 2″, weight is 4 oz.

We have limited quantities of these lures at this time.


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