SCOUT UHF 433 or 434Mhz LEG MOUNT WITH LONGER RANGE, Please note these leg mounts are a custom order and we will make them up for you.

Please note if you do not see the 433 or 434 frequency you need, just enter a note in the comments box the frequency you require and we will get it made up for you.

We now offer the new Scout UHF LEG mount transmitter that comes in 433MHz or 434Mhz has two times the power and two times the range of the regular Scout and uses the same battery except with the higher power it will only get about 10 days of continuous battery life and also comes with the Apollo 13 Mode. This new transmitter can only be used in the USA if you have a Ham radio permit or for international use. This is a great transmitter that weights about 9 grams and comes with a shorter 6.5 inch long antenna. This is a great size transmitter for larger hawks, falcons and eagles.

All transmitters we sell come with the mag switch for tap on tap off use and a mag wand an one battery is included with your order.

Transmitter Specifications: Temperature range: -40 to +150 F with new battery.

Weight: 9 grams (leg) 9.5 grams (tail)

Range: 80 miles, line of sight. Battery used: CR2032 3 volt Lithium.

MT-27 Leg mount Scout UHF 433Mhz or 434Mhz long range transmitter.

Choose the 433Mhz or 434Mhz transmitter frequency that we have in stock showing above or enter the custom frequency that you require and we will make up within one week for you.

Comes with a one year warranty.


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